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Jeffrey Bolton
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Citizens of Griswold, Ct – No State Police Gun Range
Petition summary and background

We demand that the State of Connecticut along with DAS and the State Police of Connecticut remove Griswold Ct from their list of intended sites for this facility. We are adamantly opposed to the State Police Gun Range being built in Griswold Connecticut.

We enjoy our community because of the peace and quiet that it offers. The Pachaug State forest is a beautiful, serene place where citizens can safely go to hike, bike, run, walk, picnic, horseback ride, camp, mountain climb, view a plethora of wildlife, meditate, enjoy nature and unwind.

If this Facility is built and surrounded by 3 sides of the forest, it will destroy the serenity and safety of the State forest and that of our community. As well as, the safety of citizens using the Pachaug Forest and the surrounding water.

The environmental impact on the wildlife, land and water, the noise pollution this will create and the ecological impact of placing this facility in the intended location will be felt for years to come, thus by destroying one of the few natural resources that we have left. The intended placement of this facility will also impact neighboring towns that share the forest and waterways.

The PILOT money being offered (17% at this time) may or may not ever come to fruition and given the financial situation of the State of Connecticut at this time, we believe this is fiscally irresponsible.
There are no foreseeable benefits to the town of Griswold and the Borough of Jewett City or the safety of its citizens.

Action petitioned for

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to Stop the Connecticut Police Gun Range from being built within The Pachaug State Forest and/or in Griswold, the Borough of Jewett City and/or neighboring towns in the Quiet Corner of the State of Connecticut.

Keep Griswold Quiet