Our Concerns

Water Supply Impacts

Griswold households in the impacted area use well water and water from the reservoir.

Any source of potential lead contamination that could affect the existing aquafer and Stone Hill Reservior, should not be placed in or around these water sources.

Dangers of Lead to Wildlife

A single lead shotgun pellet can cause organ failure and brain damage, inhibiting an animal’s critical neuromuscular, auditory and visual responses. Lead poisoning can induce lethargy, blindness, paralysis of the lungs and intestinal tract, seizure and death. Animals who survive often experience long-term negative effects that make them more susceptible to dangers such as predation and car collisions.

Additional Concerns:

Impact on wildlife, protected species and to the state forest as a whole.

Damage to wetlands

The continuously lit control towers will create light pollution that will disrupt migratory birds as well as our forest ecosystem.

Higher property Taxes due to increased traffic and road maintenance.

No guarantee that the gun range will not lower the value of our homes.

The Nehantic trail (blue blaze trail) goes right though where the proposed facility will sit.

Current CSP Training Facility

The current CSP Range was built in 1947 in Simsbury, Connecticut.
It consists of:
A classroom building (including kitchen and bathroom facilities) with room for 20-25 students.
A multi-use building that is used for administrative offices, a range tower and reloading facility.
2 ranges – a multi-lane pistol range and a separate shotgun/rifle range. Due to their stacked layout they cannot be used simultaneously.

The operating hours of the range are 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday – Friday every week. Every three years all troopers are required to undergo low light shooting re-certification which begins at sunset and typically concludes by 9:00pm. Additionally, there is minimal usage of the range on weekends.
The usage of the current range is 80% Connecticut State Police / 20% Other Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.

Proposed CSP Training Facility
The proposed CSP Training Facility is a 55,000 square foot facility which will be built on a minimum lot size of 100 acres. It will consist of:
classrooms for up to 100 Troopers,
firearms simulators and other open space training rooms;
an indoor active-shooter training space
gun cleaning and smithing space
staff offices and file storage along with storage vaults
kitchen and dining area to accommodate staff and Troopers
an ammunition reloading area
locker rooms for staff
storage areas (i.e. garage, target storage)

The outdoor space will house 4 separate ranges. It will be possible to use all 4 ranges simultaneously and that is the planned scope of usage. The facility will have the following ranges and control buildings.

2 range control buildings with elevated towers
Pistol range
Active Shooter range
Rifle Range
Shotgun Range

The range will have the capacity to facilitate 100+ concurrent shooters

Additionally there will be 125 parking spaces as well as appropriate well, septic, telecommunications and electrical systems.

The hours of operation and scope of proposed usage was stated by the CSP to be the same as the current range, but the size of the planned facility far exceeds this scope. It was also stated that they would welcome more range time but are limited by their current facility.

There are alternatives to the proposed facility that the state could investigate:

The National Guard training facility in East Haven as well as the facilities at the Stones Ranch base in Niantic were offered for their use, with 200+ days a year of availability.

At the Voluntown informational meeting it was suggested that several smaller regional training ranges be constructed to minimize the impact on the host towns and also reduce trainee travel time, which is subsidized by tax payers. The state answer was that they will consider nothing other than a single large non-shared facility to conduct their training.

Our group has another suggestion that has yet to be discussed. One that will satisfy their training needs and preserve our town. The state could use the existing bond money they already have to improve and expand the current Simsbury facility!

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