The Letter

Governor Dannel Malloy
DAS – Commissioner Melody Currey, Attorney Jeffrey Beckham
DES – Commissioner Dora Schriro
Selectman Kevin Skulczyck, Martin McKinney, Steve Merchant

Keep Griswold Quiet and it’s Committee members request the following:

That the State of Connecticut, specifically, Dannel Malloy, the Department of Administrative Services and the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, immediately Cease and Desist with their plans for the State Police Firearms Training Facility Project that is proposed for the Town of Griswold, on Lee Road, located within the boundaries of the Pachaug State Forest. The request is based on the following information:

That the plans for the State Police Firearms Training Facility are in direct violation of the Statues (see references) set forth by the state of Connecticut and Town of Griswold Conservation and Development Policies 10 year Plan, written in 2006. This plan specifically states that the land on Lee Road is Designated – Targeted Open Space/ Agricultural.

We respectfully demand; that the State and the corresponding agencies immediately stop this project from any further consideration on private land or otherwise, within the boundaries of the town of Griswold and neighboring communities of the Pachaug Forest.

Furthermore, given the current, grossly negative financial state of Connecticut, we feel strongly, that this project from the onset has been riddled with inconsistencies, agendas, irresponsible spending and poor planning on the part of the state agencies involved. There are other viable and fiscally responsible options available at this time, as pointed out by Congressman, Joe Courtney. You (as the representing agencies) owe it to the Citizens of the state of Connecticut, to explore and study all feasible alternatives and existing facilities within the state, before this project is initiated again, and more of the taxpayers time and money are wasted.

We, as residents of Griswold Connecticut will be heavily involved in the Conservation and Development plans going forward, so as to keep any further frivolous state projects and wasteful spending of our tax dollars, out of Griswold. This will also ensure that our environment, natural resources and local economy that is driven by tourism will remain intact for future generations.

Keep Griswold Quiet

References: Pages 1& 2

The map from the state’s site:  Conservation and Development Policies Plan for Connecticut’s Locational Guide Map

Map 3.G.2 on page 99 of the Town of Griswold’s 2006 plan of Conservation & Development

Page 35 of the Conservation & Development Policies: The Plan for Connecticut shows a great map, and page 97 shows future land use

Sec. 16a-35c (2) “Growth-related project” means any project that includes (A) the acquisition of real property when the acquisition costs are in excess of two hundred thousand dollars. (B) The development or improvement of real property when the development costs are in excess of two hundred thousand dollars.
FACT: The State Police Firearms Training Facility Relocation Project is a “Growth Related Project”

Sec 16a-35c (3) “Priority Funding Area” means the area of the state designated by The Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management for the designation of certain areas of the state for allocation of state funds.

FACT: The proposed Lee road is not in a priority funding area.

FACT: The State of Connecticut has a Conservation and Development program that has to be followed by Department of Administration. On page 35 of The State of Connecticut Conservation and Development Policies there are 5 areas that pertain to state funding. The state has a Location Guide Map to see where a town falls into these 5 categories; Griswold is defined as an ‘Undesignated Area’.

For a Growth related project to be funded in an Undesignated area, it has to proceed under an exception, Section 16a-35d states that the project has to be consistent with the plan of Conservation and Development in the municipality where such project will be located.

con’t on pg2
In the Griswold Connecticut Plan of Conservation and Development, page 97 states as follows:
As the total area of undeveloped land in Griswold is reduced over time, it is hereby a Goal of the Town of Griswold to maintain a rough proportionality between developed and protected land uses as currently exists (see Fig. 3.G.2) in order to maintain Griswold’s rural community character.

The plan of Conservation and Development for Griswold States; The implementation of an OPEN SPACE/ RECREATION AND CONSERVATION ZONING CLASSIFICATION WHERE NO DEVELOPED LAND USES ARE PERMITTED. Figure 3.G.2 on page 99 of Griswold’s Plan of Conservation and Development is a map for “Future Land Use Plan” the proposed Lee Road site is Designated Targeted open space/ Agricultural.

Therefore:  ​ The land on the Lee Road site has been designated Targeted Open  Space/Agricultural by Griswold’s Plan of Conservation and Development  and cannot be used for The State Police Firearms Training Facility  Relocation Project.    Section 1. Section 8­23(a) (1) of the Connecticut general statutes states​ : ​ Once  every 10 years each municipality must adapt a Plan of Conservation and  Development​ .      Section 1. Section 8­23(3) (b) states that ​ if a municipality fails to comply with  this requirement the municipality will lose all state funding​ .​  Griswold’s 2006  Plan of Conservation and Development expires on ​ January 1, 2017​ . Therefore, a  subcommittee will have to be formed, and by Section 1. Section 8­23(c) states  that the committee may include ​ RESIDENTS​  of the municipality and  representatives of the local boards.  

The Letter
Griswold Plan of Conservation and Development
CT Conservation & Development Policies
CT Conservation & Development Map

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